Gemak Gorsel

Stena Europe

Stena Europe



Refurbishment and life-extension programme including extensive docking & repair works for the Ro-Pax vessel, STENA EUROPE. The featured works were;


-Renewal of interiors of all officer/crew cabins and most of the passenger cabins including renewal of all windows.

-Modification of deckhead levels by increasing the height on the main vehicle deck to allow for the carriage of full-height trailers across whole of main vehicle deck.


Detailed list of important works:


Renewal of 10 officer cabins including wet units

Renewal of 69 crew cabins completely, 16 passenger cabins partly.

Renewal of 76 officer and crew wet units completely

Renewal of 22 passenger stair cases completely

Cleaning and painting of 415 window frames and boxes

Renewal of 210 glasses

Removal, cleaning and fitting back of 215 glasses

Renewal of 212 m² floors in galley and scullery

Big amount of steel renewal works distributed in all areas

Grit blasting and painting of all weather decks, hull and all tanks

Renewal big amount of pipe lines

Renewal of all wood handrails on weather decks

Worked with MacGregor for forward ramp, bow door repair and rectification and renewal of 2 pcs MacGregor flood doors

Complete Re-alignment of 3 main engines

Modification of hull and internal MacGregor ramps