Ingenuity That Floats





Major Conversion of Product Tanker to Asphalt Carrier


87,493 GRT, 289 m long of bulk carrier vessel with 9 holds, has been converted into a powership with 
a capacity of 417 MWe.




Design & Practice


Modelling and design work for the conversion was performed by Owner’s design contractor in close cooperation with Gemak Shipyard’s in-house design department and approved by BV as the vessel’s classification society. Some of the design work, that is not included in model such as engine room zone was done by Yard.




Work Description


· The vessel’s special survey and necessary repair works are completed. In this scope about 100 ton of
steel renewal, docking service of the vessel and full hull blasting and painting are carried out.

· 21 pcs of Wartsila Diesel Generators (each of 300 tons) are installed in holds with Yard own facilities.

· 21 pcs of Wartsila Alternators (each of 70 tons) are installed in holds with Yard own facilities

· 21 pcs of Aalborg Exhaust Gas Boiler – 7600 kg/hrs (each of 110 tons) are installed in exhaust towers.

· 2 pcs of Erensan Auxiliary Boiler – 4000 kg/hrs are installed on main deck.

· 2x350 MVA, 3x200 MVA and 1x100 MVA Transformators are installed on main deck.

· 2 pcs of 16 Mw Steam Turbine Generators are installed (one in hold and one to a new fabricated room on deck).

· Total 7,150 tons of steel fabrication and installation was carried out in order to generate 8 new engine holds with decks and control rooms in holds. Additionally new sea chests, switchyards on main deck, Denox units, necessary foundations for new equipment and misc. outfitting works are carried including to mentioned total weight.

· 1,550 tons of black and stainless steel pipe fabrication and installation is completed, in holds, engine room and on main deck.

· 1,350 pcs various equipment are installed, consist of gensets, boilers, pumps, switchboards, separators, coolers, fans, silencers, compressors, FW Generators, blowers etc. including all fittings and instruments.

· 10,500 m2 bulkhead insulation is carried out with rockwool and cladding.

· 11,500 m2 exhaust pipe insulation is carried out with rockwool and cladding.

· 17,000 m of pipe insulation is carried out with rockwool and cladding.

· 7,500 m2 of sandwich panel installation is carried out for new accommodation and engine control rooms.

· 51,500 m2 hold, 43,500 m2 tank, 22,200 m2 main deck and hatch covers coating work is completed to satisfaction of Jotun.




Main Particulars of the Vessel



Length overall

Breadth moulded

Draft moulded

: BV

: 157,322

: 87,493

: 289.00 m

: 45.00 m

: 16.50 m