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Installation of Additional Car Decks






Additional Car Decks


33,171 DWT, Italian flag Ro-Ro / Container vessel M/V "JOLLY ARGENTO" and owned by Ignazio Messina & C. S.p.A. of Italy had been installed with two additional upper car decks on the after part of the vessels in order to increase number of cargo vehicles. One of the new decks was prepared to accommodate also container cargo.




Design & Practice


Main design work for new car decks had been done by the Ship Owners while all workshop drawings were prepared by Gemak Shipyard's in-house production design office and approved by RiNA.




Work Description


Two additional car decks connected to the rest of the vessel with fixed ramps had been prefabricated and installed over the whether deck after side of the superstructure at the midship. Total steel work involved per vessel was about 1000 tons.
New decks were equipped with;
- one hydraulic MacGregor type vehicle door,
- one pedestrian door,
- D-rings for vehicle lashing and twist locks for containers,
- bulwark and handrails,
- fire alarm and drenching system, deck scuppers,
- lighting armatures

Additionally one SWL 40 tons container handling crane had been installed on the forward part of the superstructure.




All Completed in about 3½ Months


Each vessel stayed about 3½ months at the shipyard while the work is being carried out together with routine repair and drydocking works.




Main Particulars of the Vessel:


  1. overall = 200,26 m
    b.p. = 185,55 m
    Breadth moulded = 31,75 m
    Depth moulded = 18,80 m
    Full load draft = 10,56 m