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Major Conversion of Oil Tankers to Bulk Carriers


Gemak Shipyard has completed major conversion of 1983 built, 26313 DWT, UAE flag single bottom oil tanker M/T “Al Dhabiyyah” and her sister M/T “Arzanah” into bulk carrier. Vessels belong to Abu Dhabi National Oil Co. (ADNOC).




General Description of Conversion


Gemak Shipyard converted both M/T “Al Dhabiyyah” and M/T “Arzanah” from single bottom oil tanker to bulk carrier. Six cargo tanks were converted as dry cargo holds by adding inner bottom and hopper plates and removing the centerline oiltight bulkhead. All the equipment, pipes and fittings in cargo tanks and on main deck related with liquid cargo such as tank cleaning machines, tank monitoring components, ODME, heating coils, ladders, catwalk, cargo manifolds, etc. were removed. Main deck hatch openings and main deck plating in way of new hatch coamings were cropped out and electro-hydraulic operated folding type new hatch covers for six cargo holds were fabricated and fitted. Access hatches, manholes, covers, cable trays, Australian type cargo hold ladders were fabricated and installed for new cargo holds. In order to compensate the loss of deck plating and consequent decrease of hull girder section modulus, new intermediate longitudinal stiffeners were fitted. Three units cargo cranes were erected and installed, each SWL 30 tons. Water ingress detectors were fitted in cargo holds, void spaces and fore peak tank in accordance with SOLAS regulations. Ballast, fire, hydraulic and steam pipelines, valves and fittings were modified, where necessary.

Design work for conversion were performed by ABS Consulting in Greece together with assistance of Gemak Shipyard’s in-house design department and approved by DNV as the vessels’ classification society.




All completed in 18 months


The vessels stayed 18 months at the Shipyard, while total 3175 tons of new steel per vessel were fabricated and installed and full coating work was completed.




Main Particulars of the Vessel


Class DNV
DWT 26313
GT 20475
Length overall 178,16 m.
Breadth moulded 27,54 m.
Draft moulded 10,36 m.