Ingenuity That Floats

Liquid CO2 tank


World’s largest food grade CO² tankers ever built, were converted by Gemak Group from 3 sister General Cargo vessels, all delivered to Owners in a row, each containing Ø7x50mtrs and 470 tons weight of CO2 tanks that were fabricated with 45mm thick P355LN2 low temp steel. Tanks’ design pressure 19bars, sitting and leashed on the fabricated bed blates inside the box shaped Cargo holds, with DBWBT structures strengthened to sustain the loads, additional buoyancy tanks fitted for stability measures. Hatch covers sealed permanently for purpose of serving as a Cargo deck equipped with high end Cargo pump room and auxiliraies. All construction Works are accomplished with in-house capabilities starting from a scratch, rolling of stel plates for tanks’ body, hemi-sphere bending tanks’ ends, fully automated welding Works, PWHT Works