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3rd Bosphorus Bridge – Steel Decks

Third Bosphorus Bridge


Gemak Group has been contracted as the sub-contractor of Hyundai Engineering & Steel Industries to construct the steel deck of 3rd Bosphorus Bridge (approx. 48.000 tons of steel construction) which is integrated with North Marmara Motorway. Concurrently with the start of this project, works on shaping 120.000 square meters of land in Altinova next to sea side into new fabrication yard started.

Massive construction process of 59 individual segments, each approx 830 metric tons, is currently being undertaken: steel cutting, bevelling,
pre-fabrication, panel fabrication and segment fabrication & coating. Upon completion of segment fabrication, segments are being transported to erection site in Bosphorus, using a DP system equipped deck cargo ship NETA converted by Gemak, as a tailor made vessel built specifically for this project.

Key facts and figures

1- Steel deck of the bridge fabricated in 59 segments to be delivered to the site.
2- Yearly shop priming capacity: 95.000 tons
3- Yearly steel cutting rate: 53.000 tons
4- Daily fabrication rate: 130 tons per day
5- Steel decks are moved by using our own SPMT’s
6- Completed segments are blasted and painted in closed halls ensuring best climate conditions and environmental friendly operation 7-
7- Every 4 days, 830 tons segment to be delivered to erection site.
8- Steel decks are to be delivered to erection site by own DP1 vessel “NETA”
9- Total weight of the steel structures is about 48.000 tons