Ingenuity That Floats







1) DNV Close Up Inspection and Hull Inspection Works: Two NDT companies, one of with rope access certificate. All inspections according to DNV IIP, approx 2000 pages of reports:
7 NDT methods applied include 1 new method ACFM: ACFM (Alternating Current Field Measurement) UTM (Ultrasonic Thickness Measurement), MPI (Magnetic Particle Inspection), PT (Dye Penetrant Test), RT (Radiographic Test), UT (Ultrasonic Test), VT ( Visual Test )

2) Steel renewals all around the platform

3) Chain Inspection and Recertification Works: 5 of the 8 chains have been inspected, necessary changes done, recertified by DNV

4) Transportation Works:

  1. Transporting new parts of BOP and Drilling Equipments: SWL 80 ton DEMAG CC 2800 Crane with Fly Boom
  2. Transporting new parts of Drilling Equipments to top of tower: Liebherr LTM 8.1 Crane built with fly boom for 110 meters height operations

5) New Accomodation Works: 8 pieces containers for accomodation within 1 piece of HVAC have been fitted, includes new structural additions

6) Refurbishment Works in following locations;

Existing Accomodation
Galley and Messroom
Dry Food Store, Cold Rooms
New Coffee Shop

7) Underwater Inspection Works : CCTV underwater inspection, valves blinding, sea chest
cleaning, eliminating leakages on shafts

8) Passive Anodes Renewal Works: 640 pieces of underwater and overwater anodes replaced

9) Anchor Winches Overhauling Works: 8 pieces anchor winches overhauled include replacements

10) Piping Works All Around The Rig: Total 5362 meter of pipe renewed / new lines added

11) Valve Works All Around The Rig: Total 342 pieces valve renewed and 43 pieces valves

12) Tank Coating Works: Full blasting and painting of the potable and fresh water tanks

13) Cabling Works: Over 3000m meters of cabling carried out

14) All works completed 90 days, documented with 69 files: As Built Dossier Documentation:
Project Quality Plan, Project Quality Control Plan, QCPs (Work Based Prepared ITPs), Inspection Certificates, Material&Consumables Certificates, Production Engineering Drawings by GEMAK, Welding Book with Welding Logs, NDT Logs, Reports, Sketches, Paint Progress Reports, Equipment Calibration Certificates, Inspection Request Form and Inspection Progress Log