Ingenuity That Floats





Conversion of single hull to double hull


2,332 DWT, UK flag oil/chemical tanker M/V "KEEWHIT" belongs to John (H) Whitaker Tankers Ltd. of United Kingdom had been converted to double hull bunker barge. An electric motor driven bow thruster had been installed.




Design & practice


Gemak Shipyard has completed the whole conversion. Design work for double hull and deck modification including workshop drawings were all carried out by Gemak Shipyard's own design sub-contractor and approved by BV.




General description of conversion


Design, fabrication and installation of side bulkheads, including renewal of corresponding deck plating which is cut for access and other additions to existing structure such as supports, web frames, beams etc, paint rectification and outfitting of new void spaces, such as manholes, ladders etc. were the major part of the job.

Owner supply bow thruster was installed into new yard supplied tunnel.

Existing hose handling crane has been upgraded by new and longer boom.




All completed in 3 months


Vessel stayed 3 months at the yard in which total 120 tons new steel installed on board.




Main particulars of the vessel
The original ship's characteristics


Length o.a.


77.18 m

Length b.p.


69.95 m

Moulded breadth


11.90 m

Depth in main deck


5.95 m

Full load draft draft


4.97 m