Gemak Gorsel





Enlengthening of General Cargo Vessel


3802 DWT, Malta flag general cargo vessel M/V NAVAHO belongs to Misha Shipping & Agency Trade of Turkey has been enlengthened 25mtrs.




Design & Practice


Design work for enlengthening was made by a Russian Design Office, whereas workshop drawings were prepared by Gemak Shipyard's internal design office.




Work Description


Prefabrication and installation of a midship section, higher hatch coamings and other additions to existing structure such as supports, web frames, beams etc. including outfitting items such as manholes, ladders etc. Existing hatch covers have been modified according to higher coamings and 1 set of new hatch covers have been prefabricated and installed for new section. All new prefabricated and existing construction has been blasted & coated.

In addition to conversion works, routine docking and survey repairs were carried out.




All completed in 140 days


575 ton new steel fabrication and installation, 2500mtrs piping modification and other works were completed within 140 days.




Main particulars of the vessel
The Original Ship’s Characteristics


Class Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
DWT 3802
GT 3185
Length overall 114,00 m
Breadth moulded 16,50 m

Main particulars of the vessel
After Conversion

Class Russian Maritime Register of Shipping
DWT 5350
GT 4875
Length overall 139,00 m
Breadth moulded 16,50 m