Gemak Gorsel





Major Conversion of Product Tanker to Asphalt Carrier


47.474 DWT, Liberian flag, product tanker M/T Asphalt Eagle operated by Chronos Shipping Co. Ltd. of Greece has been converted into asphalt carrier.




Design & Practice


Design work for the conversion was performed by Owner’s design contractor in close cooperation with TGE Shipyard’s in-house design department and approved by ABS as the vessel’s classification society.




Work Description


· New heating coils as well as main thermal oil pipeline were supplied, fabricated and installed in cargo and slop tanks.

· To maintain the cargo temperature at 160°C in cargo tanks, new thermal oil heaters each with 6000 kW capacity were located inside new deck house, built over the poop deck.

· All cargo pipes and main thermal oil lines were insulated. In order to eliminate the extra thermal stress, cargo and ballast tanks were reinforced by stiffeners, frames and carlings.

· New cofferdams were created in slop tanks.

· New cargo pumps, new tank monitoring and alarm system including overfill alarm system, suitable for asphalt were installed.

· Additional hydraulic pipeline for remote control of cargo valves were fitted.

· In order to cover additional electric power consumption, new diesel generator sets were fitted after removal of existing diesel generators.

· All side and double bottom ballast tanks, void spaces, forepeak and pump room bulkheads and main deck were fully grit blasted to SA2½ and coated with zinc silicate paint. Total about 50.000 m² area has been coated.




All completed in 165 days


All conversion work including surface treatment and coating of ballast tanks and main deck were completed in 165 days.




Main Particulars of the Vessel


Class ABS
DWT 47,474
GT 26,902
Length overall 182.50 m.
Breadth moulded 32.20 m.
Draft moulded 12.62 m.