Gemak Gorsel





Canal transit project


1,359 DWT Panama flag seismographic research vessel M/V "GECO GAMMA" belongs to Geco-Prakla, Osio, Norway (a member of Schlumberger Group) had been modified to pass Volgo-Don Canal System and trade in Caspian Sea.




A multinational cooperation


Gemak Shipyard was the team leader in the cooperation. Design of sponson tanks prepared by IMT Marine Consultants Ltd. of Scotland/U.K. and approved by DnV.






In order to reduce service draft during river voyage additional sponsons were fabricated and installed on port and starboard sides of the underwater hull. Wheelhouse was cut-off after removal of all equipment inside and outside the wheelhouse from a certain level to be able to pass under the bridges over rivers.




All completed in 40 days


Total project was completed within 40 days and vessel was towed from the shipyard by the Owners. Shipyard also sent an electrical supervisor to co-ordinate the refit in Baku.




Main particulars of the vessels


Lenght O.A.


84.90 m



Lenght B.P.


75.80 m


Breadth MLD.


15.60 m


Depth MLD.


8.60 m


Full load draft


6.00 m