Gemak Gorsel





Canal transit project


2.700 DWT Cayman Island flag anchor handling sister vessels M/V "ISLAY" and M/V "JURA" belongs to Bue Marine Ltd. of U.K. had been modified to pass Volgo-Don Canal System and trade in Caspian Sea.




A multinational cooperation


Gemak Shipyard has completed the whole conversion in turn-key basis. Design of sponson tanks prepared by IMT Marine Consultants Ltd. of Scotland/U.K. and approved by DnV.




Fitting of sponson tanks


Aft and forward sponson tanks were fabricated in workshop and fitted on side shell by means of full welding in order to reduce lightweight draft of the vessels.




Deck modifications

Two level of superstructure removed and secured on main deck to reduce air draft.

Marking of equipment and cutting line

Disconnecting of port & stbd exhaust casing and funnel, accommodation pipes such as fresh water & sewage water, ventilation duct, etc.

Temporary stiffening, cutting & lifting, sea fastening of superstructure including wheelhouse and one floor below the main deck.




Deck modifications


Vessels stayed 2 months at the yard together, in which total 130 tons new steel installed per vessel.




Main particulars of the vessels


Lenght O.A.


74.75 m



Lenght B.P.


65.40 m


Breadth MLD.


16.00 m


Depth MLD.


7.60 m


Full load draft


6.90 m