Gemak Gorsel





The Biggest Cement Carrier Conversion in the World


26,367 DWT Turkish flag bulk carrier M/V "NAZLI-K" belonging to Genel Denizcilik Nakliyat A.Ş. of Turkey was converted into a pneumatic self-unloading cement carrier in 1996 with a total unloading capacity of 500 tons per hour.




A Multinational Cooperation


Gemak Shipyard of Turkey has completed the whole conversion. The cement handling equipment was supplied by H.W. Carlsen of Sweden and the design was provided by Shiptech Pte. Ltd. of Singapore.




Discharging Capacity of 500 Tons Per Hour


There are two cement discharging pipes each side with 250 tons per hour discharging capacity each and one discharging pipe each side with a capacity of 500 tons per hour. There is also a gravity-discharging boom with a capacity of 500 tons per hour installed on the part side.

In order to provide the necessary compressed air and the vacuum for the operation following equipment was installed in the new constructed machinery room placed on top of No.3 cargo hold;

Two (2) diesel-compressors , each 650 kW

Two (2) vacuum pumps , each 230 kW

Two (2) blower , each 86 kW

One (I) blower , each 26 kW

Two (2) aux. compressors , each 17 kW

The engine room incorporated also the control panel for the cement unloading system and the main switchboard providing the power distribution to the electric motor driven equipment. There are four deck filters consuming each 22 kW and a vertical screw conveyor for the gravity unloading, consuming 126 kW, installed on main deck portside.




Special Fabric for Cement Fluidisation


Some 3,000 m2 of special fabric has been bolted onto the new inclined bottom of cargo holds in order to fluidise the cement by compressed air provided from new compressors.




All Completed in 3 Months


Vessel stayed at the yard for 3 months in which all prefabricated sections totalling of 1,200 tons of steel were installed, together with 25,000 m of cabling and 10,000 m of piping by using 3-D modelling in design and fabrication stages.




Main Particulars of the Vessel


Lenght O.A.


175.10 m



Lenght B.P.


163.07 m


Breadth MLD.


25.45 m


Depth MLD.


14.00 m


Full load draft


9.95 m