Gemak Gorsel





The Second Cement Carrier Conversion of Gemak Shipyard


17,556 DWT log carrier M/V "RED SEA SPIRIT" belonging to Belden Shipping of Singapore was converted into a mechanical/pneumatic self-loading/unloading cement carrier in 1998 with a total unloading capacity of 300 tons per hour.




A Multinational Cooperation


Gemak Shipyard of Turkey has completed the whole conversion. The cement handling equipment was supplied by BMH Marine of Sweden and the design was provided by Shiptech Pte.Ltd. of Singapore.




300 Tons Per Hour Discharging and 120 Tons Per Hour Bagging


The unloading is facilitated by two flexible bellows attached to a discharge boom, this allowing continuous tandem loading of trucks without delay. The system installed on board is capable to take over cement from another vessel for self-loading or transfer to the trucks at shore. It is also eligible for feeding a bagging plant installed on board at a rate of 120 t/h.

Following mechanical and electrical equipment was installed on main deck and into the new constructed machinery & control room;

One (I) Siwertel ship unloader 10000S placed on a gantry movable full length of the cargo area on rails located port / starboard of hatch opennings. Unloader total weight 30 metric tons, gantry weight 25 metric tons, gantry rail span 13 m. The unloader is powered by a self contained diesel generator set of 50 kVA,

One (I) horizontal screw conveyor HSCH 630 - 300 t/h - 92 m 2x37 kw

One (I) transfer vertical screw conveyor Sec 401-350 t/h 6.5 m, 26 kW

Bulk discharge boom with two flexible bellows Sec 401 - 300 t/h to trucks, 120 t/h to bagging machines, 14,5 m 55 kW

One (I) Nordströms BPQD blow pump unit.

One (I) Buffer hopper with steel structure 15 m3 , 5,000 kg

One (I) fluidisation fan 1,400 m3 /h, 3.7 kW

One (I) dust collector 7,200 m3 /h, 11 kW

Two (2) blow pump units 2x9 m3, 300 kg

One (I) air receiver 3 m3

One (I) service air compressor 35 m3 /h, 6.4 kW

One (I) diesel driven transport air compressor 7,200 m3 /h, 516 kW

One (I) switchgear cubicle




All Completed in 5 Months


The whole conversion including the 4th special survey was completed within 5 months.




Main Particulars of the Vessel


Lenght O.A.


146.00 m



Lenght B.P.


138.00 m


Breadth MLD.


22.30 m


Depth MLD.


12.45 m


Full load draft


9.95 m