Gemak Gorsel





Conversion of a supply vessel into a water bag tug boat


1.050 DWT Norwegian flag supply vessel M/V "ORION" belongs to Nordic Water Supply ASA, Osio, Norway has converted into a specific tug boat laying and towing a special water bag unit of 10.000 - 20.000 m3 fresh water capacity between South of Turkey and Northern Cyprus.




A multinational cooperation


Gemak Shipyard was the team leader in the cooperation, M/V "ORION" was being operated in Italy carrying trucks on main deck and arrived to Gemak Shipyard on 27th May 1998. She has two CP propellers with four main engines and two gearboxes, four small size rudder blades and one bow thruster. During conversion besides Gemak Shipyard's technical stuff, representatives from Nordic Water Supply ASA and from the main design company Kill Sandtangen, Norway were also attending the project.






Aft part of the main deck was converted by cropping existing ramp and davits and installation of new A-frame and rollers. Along the main deck new railways were fitted and a special wagon was installed which is running forward to aft and vice versa during lying and lifting of the water bag system. There is also one new towing winch installed on main deck.

Besides these main parts, an additional rescue boat system with davit and one electro-hydraulic SWL 8 ton service crane was fitted. The new hydraulic and electrical systems were installed for the unctioning of the new towing equipment.




All completed in 3 months


Vessel stayed 3 months at the yard for this conversion work.




Main Particulars of the Vessel


Lenght O.A.


55.78 m



Lenght B.P.


50.27 m


Breadth MLD.


11.93 m


Depth MLD.


5.50 m


Full load draft


6.00 m