SK Line 727

SK Line 727



Major Conversion - PSV to a seismic research/support vessel


80 m long platform supply vessel (PSV) has been converted to seismic research vessel. The conversion includes fabrication and installation of new survey hangar block including accommodation section and moonpool with tower, including related machinery and equipment.


Design & Practice


The basic design and part of detailed engineering were performed by Owner's design contractor and approved by BV as the Vessel's classification society. Remaining detailed engineering for prefabrication and fabrication were carried out by Gemak Group's own in-house design department including method studies, stress analyses, method of statements for fabrication and installation works.


Highlights from the projects


Fabrication and installation of new survey hangar, which contains machinery, equipment and laboratories for the new purpose of the Vessel.

Fabrication and installation of new moonpool and tower including creation of the railings and bottom doors.

Conversion of existing accommodation for new survey crew of the Vessel.

Modification of above deck construction for installation of new seismic survey equipment.

Removal of liquid mud tanks and dry bulk tanks under deck, modification of surrounding compartments for new moonpool installation and creation of survey stores and new workshops.

Removal of existing lines related with old design of the Vessel and installation of new pipelines for seismic equipment and auxiliaries.

Fabrication of new main and pinger gondola structures for seismic research works that are installed under the vessel.