Ingenuity That Floats

KPS ELA SULTAN has been converted and completed
After the successful conversion project ORKA SULTAN, the 2nd powership KPS ELA SULTAN has been converted and completed in Oct’19 for KARADENIZ HOLDING. The capesize B/C has been converted to a giant powership having 420 MWe of el-power production capacity by executing a comprehensive engineering and fabrication work scope. Within the conversion scope; 7250 ton of steel work have been executed in acc. to the EN 1090-2 EXC3 standard to maintain the ship’s hull for the purpose, form engine holds to accommodate 21 off new dual fuel gen-sets as main source of power and their supplementary systems and equipment, build new fuel tanks to extend ship’s fuel capacity, raise exhaust towers and a switchyard structure to accommodate transfer of produced electricity to shore grid. Total 1600 ton of piping work for the powership systems have been fabricated, installed and tested as per BV Rules for such sophisticated ship. Due to vessel’s size and high complexity of the project, in-house developed designs and solutions by Gemak Engineering and R&D Team have been implemented during the execution phase to achieve the performance demands of the project.