Ingenuity That Floats

Innovation capability is the most important factor specifying the competitiveness of the group.

The basis of the activities are, comprises solutions and services that focus onmeeting the today’s and future needs of the customers. For this purpose, in June 2016, Gemak brought Turkey’s first R&D Center approved by the Ministry of Science, Industry and Technology of the Turkish shipyard sector.

Innovation; at the R&D center, we continously produce new business models and invest in research and development projects and support the development of the employees. Strengthening innovation capacity enables the employees to overcome the challenges of the age and achieve a profitable corporate growth.

The basis of Group’s success is; comprises innovation and the abilities of the employees. R&D Center in the field of studies in bachelor’s degree, master degree and has been conducted with an expert staff.
With R&D activities, the Group is attentive to provide sustainability the superiority in the sector. In parallel with this purpose; R&D and Innovation are increasing the investments, gaining advantage on competition in line with company’s innovative understanding and the Group developing the culture of innovation.

Gemak Group, which plans to respond quickly to the needs of the developing industry with high quality solutions, as well as to reduce foreign dependence of the country by producing in a challenging and dangerous sector, will work for the development of safe manufacturing technologies.

According to 2022’s datas;

- The first R&D Center of shipyard sector.
- 29 R&D personelles (5 Master degree, 18 Bachelor’s degree, 3 Associate’s degree, 3 high school)
- 4 Patents
- 4 Tubitak projects
- 19 active, 45 completed R&D projects
- The ratio of R&D expenses in endorsement increased by 3.67% in 2019 and reached to 4.42% in 2020

All projects in R&D center are manufactured in accordance with national and international design standards by using professional software.

Softwares Used;

Tekla Structures

Some of the unique designs manufactured by R&D Center are;

Skidding System
Hydraulic Positioner
Dry-dock towing System
Dry-dock Hatch
T-Bar Profile Making Machine
U Rib Assembly Machine
Panel Forming Line
Propeller and shaft reassembly trolley
3D spool Fit-up station
Fixed slipway system in the drydock
Automatic lashing system and shock absorber on the ship
Shipyard activities management software
Floating dock mooring/fixing system and automation