Ingenuity That Floats

The shipyard is founded on a total area of 87.000 m². Facilities are contained within 11.000 m² of closed area and 76.000 m² of open area. TGE Shipyard has the world class skills required to construct and repair a variety of vessel types. Gemak TGE operates the biggest graving dock (300 x 53 m) in commercial shiprepair operation in the region and longest wet berths in Tuzla. There are total 42 cranes (portal and jib cranes) with biggest lifting capacity 470 tons (two portal graving dock cranes working in tandem). For shipbuilding activites TGE operates semislipway (200x44 m) served by portal crane SWL 300 tons, panel line and open and closed assembly areas.
Total Area 87.000 sqm.
Enclosed Area 11.000 sqm.
Slipway 200 m x 44 m
Graving Dock (capesize) 300 m x 53 m
Cranes 1 x 2x150 + 10 tons
1 x 2x125 + 10 tons
1 x 2x110 tons
9 Jib Cranes (up to 45 tons lifting capacity)
Several cranes with lifting capacity 2 up to 80 tons
Panel Line Capacity Apprx. 120 tons per day
Ship Repair Capacity 3.000.000 DWT per annum
No. of Ships Built 54 ships (19 since 2000)
No. of Ships Repaired More than 250 ships (since 2009)
Types of Conversions Product Tankers, General Cargo, Cement Carrier, Ro-Ro Ship, OSV, Asphalt Tanker, Offshore Supply Vessel, Sismik Resarch Vessel
Types of Ships Repaired ffshore Platform, Crude Oil, Chemical Tanker,  Ro-Ro Ship, Ferry,
General Cargo, Reefer, Dredgers, Tug Boat, Submersible Heavy Load
Carrier, LPG, LNG Carriers, Container, Cable Layer, Cement Carrier, Chip Carrier, Livestock Carrier, Passenger Vessel, Offsore Supply Vessel
Types of Ships Built Product Tanker, Chemical Tanker (Stainless Steel, Epoxy Coated),
Oil Tanker, General Cargo