Ingenuity That Floats

Job applicants are being evaluating by absolute objectivitiy and particularity in Gemak Group of Companies.

Competence and target based performance management system is being carrying out in Gemak Group of Companies. 

Gemak Group of Companies prepares its high performance and potential employees who have been internalised corporate’s culture and values, for horizontal and vertical positions aligned with their qualifications through a systematical planning and provides necessary development opportunities for them to be successful in their career path.

In Gemak Group of Companies, all blue collar employees do have the rights by collective labour contracts. For the white collar employees, the payroll and wages grades are being rewieved by utilising a global grading and remuneration system and are being annually compared on its labor gorup both thorougout national and in-sector analogy and as a result a competetive payroll and wages policy is being implementing. 

In Gemak Group of Companies by organizing social and sportive facilities or getting into various activities devoted for both the employees and their families, the internalization of corporate culture and the improvement of internal communication are all being aimed and provided.  
An adaptation and orientation process is being practicing for the employees who just joined in, to internalise the Group’s culture and corpotare values and to increase accordance to the job.

Since its establishment in 1969, Gemak Group of Companies has been existing in the industry as a living and learning organization. One of the most fundemental basis of this consistent existence is to provide well analyzed development opportunities to our employees / colleagues.

To observe young talents who could be potential candidates for future job applications and as well as to provide a support to the training system both summer and winter intern students are all welcome.