Ingenuity That Floats

To be the most successful and most preferred group in the Mediterranean and its surrounding geography, providing services in the areas of vessel repair, maintenance, specific steel structures, shipbuilding and off-shore units construction while keeping its engineering capabilities at the forefront. 

We anticipate, meet and exceed the expectations of all our valued customers by our valued experts. Our customers are an integral part of our family. 

We focus on quality and efficiency by creating resources through continuous and sustainable development.

Our management style is; inclusive, fair, respectful and embracing the difference.

We make cost-benefit analysis in our decisions but we don’t compromise safety, engineering and planning perspective.

We are a team acting in line with common sense and bound to ethical values and laws.

Occupational health and safety and sustainable environment are our top priority. Ensuring that the commercial aspect of our business does not preclude the social aspect in this sense is the primary responsibility of our managers and employees at all levels. 

Our commitments to our customers are associated with safety and quality first, then time and finally the cost.

Our communication and relations with our partners is the mirror of our quality management system. We never compromise on the principles of quality and ethics management.

We regard it as our responsibility to constantly learn and develop, and to improve colleagues and our environment. Engineering solutions are our guide, our major strength and area of continuous development. 

We diversify our business, grow without taking unnecessary risks.