Ingenuity That Floats

. We give priority to meeting the expectations and requirements of our customers, our suppliers and employees, and all laws, regulations, legislation and standards.

. We never compromise on the quality of our products and services; we emphasize our Quality Awareness to our each employees.

. We carry out work in accordance with the Strategic Direction of our organization.

. We follow the technological innovations and reflect the applications.

. We consider our quality advantage as a key to our success in a competitive environment, we attach importance to the training of employees for its continuity, and we constantly evaluate our position in the market, our competitors and the changing competitive environment.
We recognize as the main principle that we are fully harmonized with quality standards, requirements of customers and international class organizations, and that the effectiveness of our Quality Management System is continually improved.
. Protecting the safety and health of our employees and visitors is naturally our top priority in all areas we operate As Gemak Group

. We establish the necessary infrastructure, raise awareness and motivate all our employees to protect their own safety ,  health and to increase their responsibility for the protection of the company's values.

. We follow and fully comply with all applicable laws and other requirements regarding environmental and occupational safety.

. We follow and evaluate   all risk, potential & accident rates, and take necessary actions.

. We constantly monitor the performance of our system and strive to improve it.

. We communicate and consult with our employees and all relevant stakeholders on fundemantal issues regarding occupational health and safety.
. We undertake that we perform our activities by evaluating the quality, quantity and environmental impact of our processes.

. We are committed that we take measures to prevent pollution and continuously improve our environmental management system and performance when we conduct our activities.

. We are committed to take preventive measures to preserve raw materials, energy and natural resources, and the use of these resources, the development of our Environmental Management System by continuously monitoring our performance.

. We ensure the recovery of our wastes by separating them and dispose of the wastes that we cannot recover without harming the environment.

. We provide necessary training to all of our employees and perform audits in order to ensure high level of awareness and their active participation in our environmental management system.

. We are committed to comply with all applicable laws, regulations and other requirements in all of processes we maintain with the institutions and organizations that we interact and communicate with, while performing our activities.