Ingenuity That Floats


Turkey’s one of the first and leading ship repair and conversion yard in Turkey which was established in 1969 in Golden Horn, Istanbul and transferred to Tuzla, Istanbul in 1981. Shipyard centrally located between Europe and Asia, the Port of Tuzla/Istanbul, and with around 1000 workers.

Shipyard is founded on total 45 000 m² area, which consists of 16.000 m² closed and 29.000m² open facilities.

Gemak Altinova Shipyard was acquired by Gemak Group in June 2012. Currently being 120.000 m², once total development is completed the shipyard will have 140.000 m² total land area and 1290 m of piers and jetties. It is dedicated both for large-scale steel fabrication projects and ship repair and conversion projects.

TGE was acquired in 2000. The shipyard is founded on a total area of 87.000 m². Shipyard centrally located between Europe and Asia, the port of Tuzla/ İstanbul and with around 800 worlers. TGE has the biggest graving dock in the region, is the first in its industry to establish R&D center. TGE Shipyard has the world class skills required to construct and repair a variety of vessel types and industrial projects. The shipyard has 11.000 m² of closed area and 76.000 m² of open area.

NETA Factory was established in 2008 in order to increase steel and piping fabrication capacity of Gemak TGE Shipyard. Nowadays, NETA is offering its services on the open market as well, primarily in high output of high quality and low tolerance steel structures of various types.