Ingenuity That Floats

Gemak was established in 1969 as a small yard in the Bosphorus, Istanbul. Gemak Group now stands out in Turkey and around the world for its wide range of skills and technical expertise.

Gemak has the vision to be the best in class and preferred partner on worldwide basis for demanding projects on steel fabrication industry, marine and offshore vessel building, marine conversion projects, marine vessels repair and maintenance.

Gemak Group consists of Gemak Tuzla Shipyard (established in 1969), Gemak TGE Shipyard (acquired in 2000), Gemak Neta Factory (established in 2008) and Gemak Altınova Shipyard (established in 2013) totally on 336.000 m2

The milestones in Gemak’s history are linked inseparably to projects which is not only financially a factor of innovation, change and foresight, the levers that contribute to expanding frontiers and creating progress for the company.

50 years of experience in engineering solutions, Gemak is proud of being in service to over 2.800 ship owners and managers. The group continues to provide services for dry-docking, ship repair & conversion, offshore – oil & gas and new ship building as the one of the most competitive shipyard in the Mediterranean.