Ingenuity That Floats


50 years of vast experience in various fields related mainly to shipping industry has positioned Gemak Group as a major player in the region for large scale steel construction projects.

Having a course to industrial market at 2013, same year Group have won a prestigious contract for fabrication of steel decks for 3rd Bosphorus Bridge, named Yavuz Sultan Selim.

The bridge has highly sophisticated and complex structure due to its hybrid design consisting cable stayed and suspension parts. Thanks to Group’s engineering capability and experience in sophisticated projects, about 50.000 tons of steel decks have been fabricated and transported to erection site in a record breaking time for such a mass structure. All fabrication works have been executed according to EN 1090-2 standard Execution Class 4 as the most stringent and demanding classification for such complex structures. 

Valuable experience gained during Yavuz Sultan Selim Bridge (3rd Bosphorus Bridge) deck fabrication project in the industrial market, encourages Gemak Group to complete for similiar large scale industrial projects. By having a new course towards industrial projects, Gemak Group has been implementing related standards into applicable execution practices. Qualifications in the areas within its focus have been obtained and maintained. Gemak now in possession of certificates for Execution of Steel and Aluminium Structures, Manufacturer of Pressure Vessels and Tubulars Fabrication and Assembly.  


3.500 tons steel fabrication capacity per month.
3.000 spools pipe pre-fabrication capacity per month.
56.000 m2 pre-fabrication area (for cutting, bending, edge preparation and minor assembly works)
Shop priming facility up to 4m width plates.
8 off CNC cutting machines for plates, pipes and profiles.
160.000 m2 block fabrication and assembly area (having up to 30tons/m2 ground bearing capacity)
1.440 tons SPMT capacity (expandable)
Load-out pier for marine transportation of heavy structures
DP1 deck cargo ship for marine transportation and positioning of heavy structures (2.705 DWT)
120.000 m2 storage area at sea side and automated panel line for panel fabrication
2 off 67m x 28 m conditioned blasting and painting halls
Beskope facilities for large scale and high-end quality projects
Extensive technical knowledge and experience in complex and sophisticated projects
Transparent and efficient management by in-house developed ERP System
Dynamic and selective organization structure
Proven time management and planning performance
Reliable partner with financially solid structure