Ingenuity That Floats


Since 1969, Gemak Group maintains its reliable position in the region on building customised and sophisticated ships at high quality standard. With new building client portfolio of foreign ship owners and successful and fruitful past experiences with each, Gemak ensure its performance to meet the most demanding requests and requirements in ship building. 

Gemak standard is well-proven and known to the clients which is constructed based on innovation, high technology and engineering capability. Strengths are; Group’s experience in managing complex and sophisticated ships, ability of solution providing by well-experienced multidisciplinary engineering capacity and well orgined&automated large scale fabrication facilities. 

With delivery assurance in the planned time and within the scope of budget, it enables the choice of service provider and business partner in shipbuilding. With its high quality workforce and engineering capacity within the group, it ensures to create value by executing high quality projects efficiently.

3.500 tons steel fabrication capacity per month
200m x 43,5m semi-wet slipway (with a floating dock gate)
300 tons lifting capacity over the slipway
300m x 53m dry dock (with floating dock gate)
470 tons lifting capacity over the dry dock
56.000 m2 pre-fabrication area (for cutting, blending, edge preparation and minor assembly works)
Shop priming facility up to 4m width plates
8 off CNC cutting machines for plates, profiles and pipes
160.000 m2 block fabrication and assembly area
2 off 67m x 28m conditioned blasting and painting halls
3.000 spools pipe pre-fabrication capacity per month
Bescope facilities for large scale and high-end quality projects
Extensive technical knowledge and experience in complex and sophisticated projects
Transparent and efficient management by in-house developed ERP System
Dynamic and selective organization structure
Proven time management and planning performance
Reliable partner with financially solid structure